Five Whitewater River Rafting Adventures


3 departure times every day at: 9 am | 1 pm | 3 pm


2 hrs and 7 miles of whitewater river rafting fun! On this 7 mile trip, enjoy a whitewater river rafting family adventure just minutes from Cody, Wyoming on the famous Shoshone River. Run the whitewater rapids like “Colter’s Falls”, “Sitting Bull”, “Crazy Horse” and “Corbett’s Crossing.” Retrace the tracks of the early pioneers who first ventured into Cody Country, and float through a Golden Eagle nesting area.

Our experience on the Shoshone River dates back to 1972. We are currently the fastest growing whitewater rafting company on the river. Wyoming fun and excitement at it’s best! Trips depart from our office just south of the Irma Hotel at 12th Street and Sheridan Avenue in downtown Cody, Wyoming.
We also offer smaller boats for ultimate fun!!!


Adults: $33.00 | Children: $31.00

Family Rates: $2.00 off (4 or more) | Group Rates: $3.00 off (10 or more)

Gratuity not included




1 Trip daily departing at 9 am

3 1/2 to 4 hrs, 11-13 miles of whitewater river rafting time.  This trip begins just 25 miles east of Yellowstone Nat’l Park at the Shoshone National Forest east boundary. Combine the spectacular scenery of the Wapiti Valley just west of Cody, Wyoming, with the excitement of wild whitewater. It is not uncommon to see otters, eagles, deer and other wildlife on this trip! Teddy Roosevelt declared this stretch of country “the most scenic 50 miles in the US”. Join us today to see it first hand.

This is an all inclusive adventure that provides you with your beverages,snacks,and a relaxing deli style lunch,surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the mountains,the river,and The Buffalo Bill Reservoir.


The North Fork of the Shoshone is a naturally flowing river.  Once all the snow pack from the mountains has melted, this trip will be finished running for the rest of the summer.  Each year it varies,so we give you the choice  to take our all inclusive Half Day Shoshone River Trip.This adventure takes off at 9:00a.m.,where you are driven,on a guided tour,few people get to see,before hitting the river.This short drive to the river,is filled with the history of the true wild west,traveling on the famous Black To Yellow Highway,and seeing the amazing craters left behind from inactive geysers.Then you’ll begin your white water rafting trip through the Red Canyon of The Shoshone River.After rafting the first section of The Shoshone River,we will stop in the middle,where you’ll be served on deli style lunch,with all of the fixins,beside the river.Just when we are finished with our lunches ,and you’ve started to dry off,we continue on to the next section of the Shoshone River.This part of the river is filled with exciting rapids,wild life,and history.This adventure will conclude back at our boat house at 1:00p.m.

 Price – $75.00 per person

Gratuity not included

1 Trip daily departing at 3pm

1/2 Day, 12 miles of fantastic river rafting time.  This exciting stretch of river has never been floated commercially. Red Canon River Trips is the only Cody, Wyoming based whitewater rafting company that can provide this amazing river experience.

We depart from the foot of the Beartooth Mountains and the majestic splendor is unbelievable – an experience you will never forget! This is a 12 mile stretch of the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River and provided rafters awesome visual beauty and excitement the entire way. You will see the Beartooth Mountain Range as few others ever have the opportunity to see them.

This particular area is rich in history, and we call the float our Chief Joseph Trip. This is the canyon that Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce tribe traveled through, trying to escape the American soldiers who were relentlessly pursuing them. Your boatmen will provide you with more details on the rich history of this area, one unequaled in the west.

The Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River is also a naturally flowing river.  Once all the snow pack from the mountains has melted, this trip will be finished running for the rest of the summer. This trip frequently only runs through the month of June.  

Price – $70.00 per person

Gratuity not included

Whitewater River Rafting Cody WyomingA DAY ON THE RIVER – CODY, WYOMING

Full day, 33 miles of rafting. If you just can’t get enough of whitewater rafting this trip is for you!

Float 3 different rivers in one day, on this all inclusive white water,scenic,and historic rafting adventure,Youll begin your day on the exciting North Fork of The Shoshone River.Youll then relax and enjoy a deli style lunch,at a beautiful spot,looking out at The Buffalo Bill Reservoir.Next youll continue on your white water rafting adventure,going down 7 more miles of the Shoshone River.Then we will depart for the scenic and historic Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River.The majestic splendor of this river,will be a relaxing end to your full day.

This white water rafting adventure departs at 9:00a.m. from our boat house,and returns at 7:00p.m..Dont worry youll still have time to make it to your dinner reservations,a night out on the town,or to our world famous Cody Night Rodeo!!!

Price per person $140.00

Gratuity not included


Be Your Own Boatman

If you still would like a bit more excitement to your white water adventure,then Be your own boatman!!! Let us set you up in one of our inflatable kayaks,for ultimate fun,on the river.Follow one of our guides down the river,in what we call “duckies”.We provide introductory safety instructions,helmets,life jackets,and rain gear if needed.We do believe in safety first, we stay close and guide you through the rapids. Price – $33  per person on the 2 hr.Shoshone River Trip or also available for rental through our Surfing in The Rockies packages



We are excited to introduce our newest outdoor activity “PADDLE BOARD YOGA”.This class will be held on Sundays from 10am-11am at Beck Lake.Our paddle board yoga instructor “Jonelle Pollack”is a very talented local instructor,teaching at True West Yoga,and has decided to step it up a noch.We are very excited to be able to bring the benefits of yoga,beautiful scenery of the outdoors,and the fun of learning something new to Cody.This class is perfect for beginners and for those who have been a long time participent of yoga.The Sunday classes are $30 per hour,there is a three participent minimum and a seven participent maximum.Please call atleast 24 hours in advance to ensure your spot in the class.For those of you that can not make these times or would like extra attention,Jonelle is offering private lessons,as well.The private lessons cost is $50.00 per hour,but please call for availabilty.You can make reservations at Cody Wyoming Adventures 307-587-6988









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